Print Your Own Chocolate As A Reward For That Weight Loss

Fruits & Juices

For a modern twist on dieting products and incentives take a look at this article. 3D printers are hot at the moment but I never thought that they would lead to a printed chocolate- wonder what it tastes like? Yes it may be a gimmick but anything that helps with the weight loss regime has to be looked at….

SweetHearts Offers 3D Printed Chocolates as Reward in New Diet and Exercise Concept

“It’s easy to talk (and write) about diet and exercise, but as most of us know — it’s not so easy to put our plans into true action and achieve the svelte….

As 3D printed food moves into the culinary arts, it makes sense that it will hit the diet and exercise scene as well. Nothing revs up a boring routine like something new and exciting, and tasty.

So if you think that there is nothing new in the dieting market then think again! Fruit and shakes and chocolate..