Love Yourself Thin

I found this interesting new concept in weight loss. Its more about the spiritual approach and the power of the mind,but as a new take on “weight loss” and dieting it does make for interesting reading

What is Love Yourself Thin?

Love Yourself Thin: Spiritual Weight Loss From the Inside Out is a really unique concept in a weight loss program. It’s based on my own experience of releasing over 100 pounds in 18 months, and keeping it off.  I went from a size 20 to a size 10, and it’s very exciting to wear size 10 jeans! I had never been in size 10 jeans as an adult, so it is amazing to be a “skinny person” for the first time in my life.

From my personal journey, Love Yourself Thin reflects what I discovered along the way, what I did to actually make it happen, and what I teach and coach people about releasing weight from the inside out. I have shifted the emphasis from food and exercise, which is what most people talk about for weight loss, because I discovered that’s really only about 30% of the equation. It’s an important 30%, but it’s really the 70% that I found to be the true key. That is my focus – the spiritual work, the inside work, doing the healing that makes all the difference, and allows you to shift from carrying that extra weight (for me, from a lifetime of carrying extra weight) to realizing your dream body.

There are several spiritual principles that underlie the 70%, and, through my Love Yourself Thin programs, I support you in exploring, understanding, and embracing them for your successful weight release:

  • We are what we focus on – We must take 100% responsibility for the condition of our bodies, knowing that we have created it from our own thoughts.
  • Our beliefs determine our reality – Somewhere in our childhood, we were programmed to fear and loath our bodies, and those limiting beliefs are all lies.
  • All we need is Love – We can only create our dream body from the high vibration created by our loving, peaceful, and grateful thoughts and feelings.
  • Our purpose is to feel good – When we focus on what it is that we want in every moment, we can be more loving to our bodies and ourselves.
  • Our bodies are very, very wise – When we connect with our bodies and learn to have dialogues with them, we can access critical information for healing and growth.
  • The past is gone – We keep the past alive in our thoughts and in our bodies, but it does not exist, and we cannot live our dreams until we clear our toxic memories.
  • There is nothing to fear – Our childhood and societal fears are total illusions, ravage our bodies, and block the truth of who we truly are.
  • We are all One – We are connected to all of humanity, all living things, the Earth, and to Spirit, and this source for filling ourselves and our bodies with unconditional love is available in every moment.

Making a commitment to Love Yourself Thin will change your life! It will make a huge shift in your ability to finally release the extra weight for good, and to do the spiritual healing work inside that will be reflected on the outside of your body.

I know what it has done for me. It is so much fun to wake up every day and be the person that I have wanted to be all my life. I’m continually learning how to be authentically me and to live my life in joy. It’s an exciting way to be, and it’s available for everyone.  I’m so honored and privileged to be able to help people do that for themselves, and I would love to be able to support you to go forward on your own weight release journey, and change your life forever. You deserve to live the life of your dreams!


If you want to read more about it and the program generally, here is the link