Clear Acne Scars

acne breakouts
It is not easy to clear acne scars. In fact, acne scars can be just as difficult to get rid of as wrinkles and fine lines. Oddly enough, there are not as many products out there for acne scars as there are anti aging products. So what can you do?

Your mother probably told you not to pick at your pimples or else they would scar. Well, she was partly right. You shouldn’t pick at your pimples because they can scar and they can also lead to infection. However, scarring can occur even without picking at them – especially in cases of cystic acne.

Laser resurfacing has become very popular for people who want to clear acne scars. However, it can also have some serious side effects. Although these can typically be easily treated, they are very annoying and might not be worth it.

When you receive laser resurfacing to clear acne scars you are basically damaging the outermost layer of your skin in order to get to the layer underneath. You have to do this under a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or licensed aesthetician.

Unfortunately, sometimes it actually makes acne worse because the skin is so traumatized that it makes the oil glands go into overdrive. Milia, the appearance of small while bumps, can also pop up when you have laser resurfacing of your skin. However, these can be treated.

You can also find products over the counter that can help reduce the sizes of pores, which might heal clear acne scars. Some people also turn to microdermabrasion which can be helpful in acne scarring. This uses fine crystals to clear up dead skin cells. It also speeds up skin cell turnover. Think of it as sandblasting. There are also some home microdermabrasion sets that might be useful as well, although these tend to work more like exfoliators.

Chemical peels are also becoming popular for people who want to clear acne scars. You can go to the doctor and get professional chemical peels, or you can get ones that are not as harsh in your own home. These take off the top layer of your skin and produce the next layer, which is hopefully smoother. They also help tighten your skin and tighten your pores. Some chemical peels are very harsh, however, and are similar to receiving burns.

Lately, some people have started using stretch mark cream to clear acne scars. Although this has not been medically proven to work, many women are finding it effective.

Doctors recommend products that contain Retinol, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid for ways to clear acne scars. These are also common ingredients that can be found in anti aging products as well.

Some home remedies for clearing scars include using tomatoes in a paste that can be applied to your face once a week. Although no medical research has been done for this, many people have claimed that it works as a natural remedy. People have also had success applying tea tree oil, lemon juice, ice cubes, and aloe vera gel to their scars on a daily basis in order to help reduce the appearance of them. Rosehip Seed Oil has also had some success. It is meant to be applied topically twice a day until a reduction of the acne scars can be viewed.