Allergic Rhinitis

It isn’t a common problem; but for those who have to always carry a packet of tissues around because of an endlessly runny nose, it can be a source of serious annoyance. It’s not like they actually have a cold all the time. Why on earth does this happen? One of the most common reasons why, is a condition known as perennial rhinitis. It’s actually quite related to another kind of annoyance that some people put up with, that’s called seasonal rhinitis, which doesn’t last all the time. That one is an allergic problem that is kicked up by pollen or other allergenic substances floating about in the air. People with perennial rhinitis unfortunately, are allergic to things that are around them all year round – stuff like dander, dust or mold.
You could at least conceive of how people could put up with this if a runny nose was all it was. The problem is, a runny nose that comes about for reasons of rhinitis has plenty of other maddening symptoms coming along for the ride as they do for many kinds of allergy – an itch that is on the inside of your throat that you can never get at, or an itch in the eyes and the nose. You can’t stay indoors to protect yourself from whatever causes your allergy because most of the allergens are inside. You can’t go outside, because most of these allergens happen to be present outside, save for moldy air. It’s just an embarrassing and deeply troublesome personal problem.
So what you do to fix a problem like this? Any time you have to deal with an allergy, you know that you’re in for the long haul. You have to go to your allergy expert and get tested to discover what allergen it is that you are sensitive to. It might take you a while (and lots of pinpricks) to identify what exactly causes your allergies. Once you do have the triggers identified, usually, your runny nose problem can be reduced to a good deal of spring cleaning around the house and the installation of HEPA filters. If for instance, you discover that dust mites are what were causing your problem, you’ll be able to narrow your problem down to the carpets, the mattresses and the sofa cushions – the places dust mites love to call home. You’ll probably need to get sofa covers and bedcovers made of very tightly woven fabric. There’s pretty much nothing you can do about the carpeting though other than to get it shampooed. You’ll also need to clean your house inside and out, wiping all surfaces down, and washing everything well, regularly.
If this doesn’t seem to work for you, a runny nose is easily taken care of with a steroidal spray. For a perennial runny nose problem though, a steroidal spray may not entirely be appropriate. Steroids can’t be used for too long without running into some side effects. There have been some developments in this area. Immunotherapy is one of those developments. Your doctor will expose you to small quantities of whatever it is that triggers your runny nose problem. Your body is then able to produce the right kinds this antibodies for it.With some people, there are a few natural foods and remedies that work. A certain flavonol found in pineapple, apples and onions is known to help. Taking vitamin C supplements can help too. But you can’t just go ahead and diagnose yourself with perennial rhinitis just because you have a runny nose. Sometimes, it could be something that has a more definite cure – it could be a minor tumor in your nasal cavity, or it could be an anatomical problem with your nasal cavity that can be fixed with minor surgery.